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Scoliosis doesn’t have to be debilitating, chiropractic can help!

Scoliosis is a sideways curvature of the spine that is associated with pain and postural problems. A curve more than 10 degrees is considered scoliosis. Over 7 million people are affected by this condition.

To avoid chronic ailments caused by nerve compression, disc herniation, and general spinal dysfunction, it is vital for children to see a chiropractor before puberty. This age is when scoliosis is most preventable. Because the spine is growing at a fast rate, uncorrected misalignments can cause the spine to grow incorrectly.

Untreated scoliosis in adults becomes more severe with age and can lead to more health issues. Everyone is different and depending on the severity, the curve in the spine may not be able to be reduced. However, regular chiropractic care will reduce the symptoms and future health issues.

Chiropractic benefits for scoliosis sufferers includes increased range of motion, improved flexibility, increased activity and lifestyle, decreased inflammation, and reduced pain and discomfort.

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