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The natural and practical solution for pregnancy pains is chiropractic care.

Taking medications during pregnancy is not usually an option, so the only natural and practical solution for pain is chiropractic care.

First trimester:

Chiropractic care can help with morning sickness. When your sympathetic nervous system is aligned this will help regulate hormonal function.

Second trimester:

Your baby is developing quickly during this time and continuing to be aligned is important. Adjustments will also help with the headaches, heartburn, and abnormal sleep patterns that are very common.

Third trimester:

The positioning of the baby is extremely important. Chiropractic care helps align the pelvis so the baby can fall into birthing position.


Each mother has a different experience during this time, but chiropractic care increases the mother’s ability to bounce back.

If a woman has had a past miscarriage, chiropractic care is extremely important as we pay special attention to the pelvis and sacrum.

​If you would like further information on how Expedition Chiropractic can benefit your pregnancy call the office 772-245-7069 or send us an e-mail.

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