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The Gonstead Difference

Dr. Clarence Gonstead developed a system of how to systematically detect and correct subluxations. The focus of the Gonstead adjustment is to be as specific, precise and accurate as possible, addressing only the problem areas. The Gonstead method requires 5 criteria:



We take into account all the information we can get from the patient by simply looking at them. We looking at posture, tissue tone, and symmetry.


To see is to know, and not to see is to guess. Full spine x-rays are the road map to your health and is one of the most important variables in determining your care.


We have multiple instruments we will use throughout your care. The most common one will be a nervoscope. This instrument is able to detect heat differences in your back that result from subluxations. The instrument will be used on every visit and will help the doctor determine where and where not to adjust on that visit.


Your current symptoms are going to play a big role in dictating your care. Everyone receives individual care and the combinations of all 5 of these criteria help us determine the best care for you.


Being able to touch your skin and feel areas of swelling and edema lets us know exactly where the problem is. Motion palpatation shows areas of hypo or hyper mobility.


This Hi-Lo table is great for everyone but its main feature is that it raises up so that people of all ages can get on and off of the table comfortably.

Cervical Chair

This is where your evaluation will take place every visit after you change into your gown. This is also the most common table that your neck region will be adjusted on.

Knee Chest

The Knee Chest table will likely become your favorite table to get adjusted on. The design of this table allows for the most comfortable adjustment with amazing results. This table is great for pregnant moms who can not lay on their belly.

Pelvic Bench

The pelvic bench is one of the best tables to help people that are suffering with low back pain. This allows for a quick and accurate adjustment for the pelvis and lumbar region.
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